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Save Money while caring for our planet

With an STI solar water heater, you can have hot water 365 days a year.

The STI Solar Technology® water heater uses the most advanced design to turn solar energy into heat.

Each system consists of borosilicate vacuum tubes; these absorb 94% of the sun’s radiation, and preserve it for long periods of time due to the vacuum and insulation that isolate the heated water from cold temperatures, preventing loss.

All of our systems use natural resources or renewable energy sources, available to us every day, free of charge, just like solar energy.

STI line

100% stainless steel. We have gravity-based systems (STI line) as well as systems designed to handle pressurized networks, elevated tanks or hydropneumatic systems (ST-HP line), providing you with pressurized great hot water.

ECO line

Same efficiency and functionality as the stainless steel line, comes with the SUS-304-2B 100% stainless steel internal tank, food grade. Manufactured in galvanized steel with anti-corrosive, high resistance paint; achieving a much lower cost without compromising efficiency.


Our heaters are 100% stainless steel.

All you need is an elevated water tank to feed the water heater; hot water is delivered from here.