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    CFE grid connection system

Do you have high CFE bills?

Start saving with clean, inexhaustible and free energy.

The STI Solar Technology® photovoltaic systems are your best choice to convert the sun's energy into electricity and reduce your bills

These systems are scalable according to your needs and budget and generate direct savings for you. The more solar energy produced, the greater your savings in your energy bill, by up to 100%.


Take advantage of this program and get reductions in your utility bill.

The contract allows interconnection since 2007, producing their own electricity from photovoltaic panels and stored directly on the CFE network. This generates direct savings on your electric bill, you can reduce it by 100%. This Photovoltaic system is easy to install, scalable and ideal for any size residence, commerce or industry

On the other hand, when the user needs more energy than the system produces, it will be taken from the CFE network and registered by the same bidirectional meter. Thus, one only pays CFE the difference between energy used, and energy consumed. It is noteworthy that when the user consumes less than it produces from the solar system, energy credits with CFE are earned that are maintained for a period of one year.