STI Solar Technology® has the most advanced and powerful microinverter on the market for residential and commercial use.

APsystems offers a solution that combines high-efficiency technology with an easy-to-follow monitoring system for reliable and sustainable energy production. The patented system increases solar capture and ensures maximum performance for your photovoltaic panels.


Maximizes power generation for each photovoltaic module, increasing system efficiency by up to 20 percent compared to conventional "series" systems.


When combined with APsystems Communicator and APsystems Monitor, the APsystems Microinverter allows you to track the performance of each panel in the field through any internet-enabled device.


Each APsystems YC500 microinverter handles two photovoltaic panels, which significantly reduces the installation and operating costs of the system.


It connects directly to the low voltage DC module, improves home safety and eliminates the risk of fire. All products are rigorously tested by APsystems and designed for a 25 year life.