STI Energías renovables a tu alcance - Sistemas fotovoltaicos para sistemas aislados
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Isolated solar power plants

Clean energy anywhere

Our isolated or individual PV systems generate electricity during the day, storing it in high-efficiency energy banks, feeding the household or any commercial application, 24 hours a day. These are ideal for areas with no access to the electrical network (CFE).

The system consists of PV panels, charge controllers, batteries and voltage invertors. This kind of system has no technical limitations regarding potency of production. They can cover from one light bulb to a hotel.

Ideal for cabins, hotels, public lighting, electrification, signs, transmission antennas, pumping and irrigation systems.


With a PV system you stop emitting CO2 into the environment. Consuming a kw hour of conventional power grid emits 632gr. of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

A 1 KW system that produces 150 KW a month avoids the emission of 1200 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere per year.

This is the same as 5 cars not circulating for a whole month.